Refund Policy

Here at Jurassic TV, it is very important for us to care about our customers and their purchases. We spend a lot of time and money working on our services and want our customers to be happy with the purchase. Due to the nature of the service, we are required to have a more strict refund policy.

Refunds are accepted for the following reasons:

  • Customer wants to cancel before the activation process has started.
  • If the service has been activated and the customer and Supernova Streams can verify that the service does not work and/or no activity has seen on the account during the troubleshooting process. The customer is required to go through the full troubleshooting process with Jurassic TV. 

Refunds are not accepted for the following reasons:

  • Internet speeds that do not meet our minimum requirements
  • Interruptions in the service that are caused by the customers device, internet, or location.
  • Interruptions in the service that are caused by Jurassic TV
  • Failure by the customer to learn and understand how to use the service
  • Not having enough or specific channels/events

To minimize the need for refunds, we do offer 24 hour trials to the services. Our 24 hour trial is free with a $2 activation fee.

If you have any questions or concerns about our Refund Policy, feel free to contact us any time.